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It’s always a good idea to live today and plan for tomorrow. Although planning the future of your estate and writing a will may seem dreary, it’s important that an experienced lawyer helps you file everything correctly so that your wishes will be carried out once you are gone. 

When you need help planning your estate or will, please call Lindsay & Hatheway and let the entire legal team get to work on helping you. 
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Plan For The Future With Our Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the management and disposal of a person's estate. This planning takes place during the person's life, and the estate includes property, accounts, cars, and any smaller assets you have to your name. Our estate attorney can help you make the most of your estate by minimizing taxes through gifts and managing generation skipping transfer, and calculating income tax.

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A will is a document that states your final wishes. This legal document coordinates the distribution of your assets after death and can appoint guardians for minor children. Our will and probate attorney will make sure your will allows you to communicate your wishes clearly and precisely in your absence. 

Probate is the procedure by which a will is approved by the court as the valid and last will of a deceased testator. The probate also confirms the appointment of the person named as executor in the will. The executor of your will proves the validity of your document and presents the court with lists of your property, your debts, and who is to inherit what you've left behind.

When you need to discuss proceedings with a will and probate lawyer, please contact us today.

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